Edelman Financial Services Story

  • Commitment to Serving the Financial Well-being of Americans
  • Founder's Vision of Personal Finance
  • Innovation in Financial Education
  • People and Unique Culture

Smart Money:
The First Newsletter

Ric publishes his first newsletter, called Smart Money. The monthly publication lets Ric communicate with clients using his easy-to-understand, accessible style.

Television Host
Ric begins appearing on NewsChannel 8 in Washington, D.C., delivering the weekly financial report. This grows into hosting his own weekly television call-in advice show, which aired for the next 11 years. During these early years, he also guest-hosted This Week in Business for PBS television.

First Office Opens
Ric and Jean open for business in Tysons Corner with their business partner, Lou Nebel.

The firm has approximately
600 clients.

First Radio Guest Appearance
Ric does his first on-air interview on WMAL radio in the Washington, D.C., area. His 15-minute time block extends to a full hour, and he is immediately invited back the following month.

Giving Unique Advice
Ric's “unconventional” advice urges homeowners not to pay off their mortgage. Despite provoking substantial debate, the approach's value is validated in academic studies over the next 20 years.

On the Move
Ric and Jean move the office location to Fair Lakes, VA.

Financial Fair
Edelman Financial Services and WMAL radio team up to host The Financial Fair. It became an annual event, featuring a live radio broadcast, dozens of seminars and an exhibit hall filled with personal finance experts including advisors, accountants, attorneys, real estate agents and more. Thousands of people attended these events.

Ric is Frequent Guest on WMAL
The popularity of Ric's initial appearances on WMAL radio demonstrates a demand for his accessible approach to finance. He is invited
back regularly and is eventually asked to
host his own show.

Edelman Financial Services is Born
Lou Nebel, one of the last of the original business partners, leaves to start his own firm. Ric and Jean rename the company Edelman Financial Services.

Your Money Matters Debuts
Your Money Matters with Ric Edelman debuts on
WMAL radio. The weekly program is now WMAL's longest-running show.

Ric Joins Georgetown Faculty
Ric joins Georgetown University's adjunct faculty to teach personal finance. His class quickly becomes one of the most popular in the Department of Continuing Education.

First Truth About Money Seminar
Ric gives his first Truth About Money Seminar —
a 10-hour course held over three weeknights, covering the entire range of personal finance topics. The course leads to Ric's first book.

Best Talk Show Host
Ric wins the Achievement in Radio (A.I.R.) award for “Best Talk Show Host” for his weekly radio show on WMAL.

Service Business of the Year
Edelman Financial Services is named Service Business of the Year by the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce, recognizing the firm for “Excellence and Achievement as a vital component of the Fairfax Business Community.”

Washingtonian magazine names Ric on its list of “Top Financial Professionals.”

Edelman Financial Services Joins Inc. 500 at #69
Edelman Financial Services appears on Inc. magazine's list of America's 500 fastest-growing private companies, a distinction repeated in 1996 and 1997.

The Truth About Money
Georgetown University Press publishes Ric's first book. The Truth About Money debuts at #1 on The Washington Post's bestseller list and remains there for 22 weeks. It stays on the list for 70 consecutive weeks and is later named "Book of the Year" by Small Press Magazine.

Money University on America's Voice TV
Ric's first TV show, Money University, airs on America's Voice TV.

Edelman Financial Services Goes Online
Edelman Financial Services launches “Money University” on AOL, the firm's first website. The site offers forums, tutorials and free access to Ric's new book, The Truth About Money.

A Magical 10th Anniversary
Ric and Jean celebrate by taking the entire firm's staff and their families to Walt Disney World for four days. They also took three families selected by the Leukemia/ Lymphoma Society.

RicEdelman.com Debuts
Edelman Financial Services launches RicEdelman.com, offering a new way for consumers to access Ric's advice and information.

The Truth About Ric
Ric is profiled by The Washington Post and Dow Jones Investment Advisor for his work in the industry. Both cite his uncommon advice; the Post calls Ric “unconventional” and DJIA labels him “controversial.” But consumers enjoy his common-sense approach to personal finance nonetheless.

Ric Testifies Before Congress
Ric makes the first of several appearances before Congress, presenting his views on Social Security and retirement savings and speaking at three National Summits on Retirement Savings.

The RIC‑E Trust® is Created
Edelman Financial Services introduces the RIC‑E Trust®, which allows parents and grandparents to save for their child's retirement (even one as young as a newborn). The RIC‑E Trust® receives two U.S. patents. Today, more than 4,700 children are beneficiaries of RIC‑E Trusts.®

IRA Flow Chart
Ric develops an IRA flow chart to help guide Americans through the IRA maze. The Washington Post devotes a full page to the chart, doing something the then-130‑year-old newspaper never did before or since: It printed the entire chart sideways (so it would fit on one page).

$1 Billion Under Management
Edelman Financial Services reaches $1 billion in assets under manage- ment, serving almost 4,000 clients.

Blue Chip Enterprise Award
Edelman Financial Services wins the Blue Chip Enterprise Award for Virginia from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

The New Rules of Money is published by HarperCollins
Ric's second book, The New Rules of Money, becomes a New York Times bestseller.

Inside Personal Finance
with Ric Edelman

Ric rebrands the monthly newsletter and names it Inside Personal Finance with Ric Edelman. The newsletter is expanded to a 16-page publication.

The Truth About Money
2nd Edition

HarperCollins publishes the 2nd edition of Ric's bestseller, The Truth About Money.

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Wealth is Published
Ric's third book, Ordinary People, Extraordinary Wealth, is published by HarperCollins, featuring the eight "secrets" that thousands of ordinary investors used to help them attain financial success.

Ric Appears on The Oprah Winfrey Show
Ric makes the first of five appearances on Oprah.

Entrepreneur of the Year
After being nominated seven years in a row (move aside, Susan Lucci), Ric is named Ernst & Young's Entrepreneur of the Year for the Greater Washington Region.

Wealth Manager Magazine
Ric is named a Top Wealth Manager by Bloomberg's Wealth Manager magazine.

Financial Security in Troubled Times is Published
In response to the events of 9/11, Ric writes Financial Security in Troubled Times. Ric wrote the book in less than 72 hours, and HarperBusiness got it on store shelves in less than two weeks —
a major publishing accomplishment. Ric donates 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this book, his 4th, to 9/11-related charities, raising more than $100,000.

Ric Appears on The Today Show
Ric makes an appearance on The Today Show.

Boys & Girls Clubs, United Way
Ric joins the board of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington. He also begins six years of service with the United Way of the National Capital Area, eventually serving two years as its chairman.

Discover the Wealth Within You is Published
Ric's 5th book is published by HarperBusiness. Discover the Wealth Within You is focused on showing Americans how to set and achieve their goals.

A Great Place to Work
Washingtonian magazine names Edelman Financial Services one of its 50 Great Places to Work.

$2 Billion Under Management
Edelman Financial Services reaches $2 billion in assets under manage- ment, serving nearly 6,000 clients.

A Top Advisor
Ric is named on Barron’s list of America’s 100 Top Advisors for the first time.

The Truth About Money,
3rd Edition is Published

HarperBusiness releases the third edition of Ric's bestselling book, The Truth About Money.

Jean’s Inaugural Column
Jean’s recurring column, “The Other Side of Money,” appears for the first time in the firm’s newsletter, Inside Personal Finance. This sets the stage for the publication of her book by the same name nine years later.

Advisor Hall of Fame Inducts Ric
Ric is inducted into the Financial Advisor Hall of Fame by Research magazine.

Sanders Morris Harris Group Acquires a Majority Stake in Edelman Financial
Ric becomes SMHG's largest shareholder and continues to serve as CEO of EFS, retaining full executive authority so that the firm's unique culture remains.

Still A Great Place to Work
Washingtonian magazine again names Edelman Financial Services one of its 55 Great Places to Work.

Top Asset Manager and Advisor Acknowledgment
Ric is named Top Financial Asset Manager by Washington Business Journal and #1 Retail Advisor in the state by Virginia Business magazine.

EMAP is Launched
After two years of development, Edelman Financial Services launches the Edelman Managed Asset Program®, featuring extensive global diversification and a strategic daily rebalancing review. Today, it manages more than $10 billion in client assets (as of June 30, 2013).

The Lies About Money is Published
Ric's 6th book, The Lies About Money, is published by Free Press, a unit of Simon & Schuster, and quickly becomes a Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Business Week bestseller. It is named “Personal Finance Book of the Year” by Axiom Business Books.

First Public Television Special
Ric Edelman Reveals the Lies About Money in his first nationwide television special, produced exclusively for PBS.

Barron’s Ranks Ric #2
Ric is cited as one of the nation’s leaders on Barron's list of the Top 100 Independent Financial Advisors.

Edelman Financial Services Listed
In “Top Dog” Report

Edelman Financial Services is featured in Wealth Manager magazine’s “Top Dog Report” as a leading financial advisory firm in the country based on assets under management per client.

Edelman Financial Services Expands
Edelman Financial Services opens offices in Alexandria, VA, and Bethesda, MD.

Radio Syndication
The Ric Edelman Show radio program goes national, airing in seven more cities: New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Detroit, Dallas and Houston.

Edelman Financial Services Opens Operations Center in Richmond
Edelman Financial Services opens an operations center in Richmond, VA, with a state-of-the-art office and trading center.

Barron's Names Ric #1
in the Nation

Ric hits the #1 spot for the first time on Barron's list of the country's
Top 100 Independent Advisors.

Ric Named President and Co-CEO of Sanders Morris Harris Group
Ric joins SMHG's Chairman George Ball, who was previously CEO of EF Hutton and Prudential, in leading the enterprise. Ric also continues to lead Edelman Financial Services.

Rescue Your Money is Published
Ric publishes Rescue Your Money, his 7th book, and it quickly reaches #1 on The Washington Post bestseller list.

Edelman Financial Services Expands to New York and New Jersey
Edelman Financial Services opens its first offices outside the Washington, D.C., area, with six offices in New York and New Jersey.

The Edelman 401(k) is Launched
With a focus on serving small to mid-sized businesses, the firm introduces the Edelman 401(k).

The Truth About Money, 4th Edition is Published
Changes in the economy spur Ric to update this personal finance classic. It's published by HarperBusiness.

Barron's Names Ric #1 Again
For the second year in a row, Ric is ranked #1
on Barron's list of the nation's Top 100 Independent Advisors.

Edelman Financial Services
Adds Four More Offices

Edelman Financial Services opens four offices in Maryland and New York.

The Truth About Money TV Show Premieres
The Truth About Money weekly TV series premieres on public television. The program goes on to receive multiple awards, including a Telly Award, a Communicator Award and an APEX Award.

Ric Named CEO of
Sanders Morris Harris Group

In a move reminiscent of Pac-Man, Ric becomes CEO of Sanders Morris Harris Group and has the firm rebranded as The Edelman Financial Group. Ric thus becomes the first individual investment advisor to be publicly traded on NASDAQ.

10 Additional Offices Open
Edelman Financial Services reaches 16,000 clients and opens
10 more offices — in Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan and Virginia.

The Ric Edelman Show Turns 20
Ric celebrates his radio show's 20th anniversary. The program airs weekly in 70 markets across the country.

Ric Named One of the Top RIAs
Ric is named one of the Top Registered Investment Advisors (RIA) in the nation by Financial Advisor magazine.

Ric Named Barron's #1 for
a Record Third Time

No other advisor in history has ever been ranked #1 on the Barron's list of Top 100 Independent Financial Advisors three times.

$10 Billion Under Management
Edelman Financial Services reaches $10 billion in assets under management, serving 20,000 clients.

Eight Additional Offices Open
Edelman Financial Services reaches $8.9 billion in assets under management and opens eight more offices, expanding in Florida, California, Connecticut, Ohio, Arizona and Utah.

Jean Publishes Her First Book
Jean Edelman, who co-founded Edelman Financial Services with Ric, publishes The Other Side of Money, a compilation of articles from her popular Inside Personal Finance columns that demonstrates personal finance is more personal than finance.

Edelman Financial Services
Grows in Three States

Edelman Financial Services adds offices in Virginia, California and Pennsylvania.

Edelman Online Launches
Edelman Financial Services launches “Edelman Online,” offering the firm's investment management services to people who prefer to manage their money online.

Edelman Financial Services Turns 25
with a Return to Disney World

In celebration of Edelman Financial Services' 25th anniversary, Ric and Jean announce they'll again take the entire staff and their families to Walt Disney World in December.

Ric featured in Barron’s

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